Adv Vastu Expert


Adv Vastu Expert

The incredible effects of following Vaastu is exemplified and experienced by people all across the world. The science of Vaastu, also known as Vaastu Shastra is believed to be practiced since ancient times. At Dr. Monika Mewara, we have uniquely and efficiently integrated the ancient principles of 4000 years old Vaastu Shastra with modern technology to generate charismatic and harmonious results. The main idea of rendering advanced Vaastu is to ensure prosperity, content, harmony, and balance of energies to the dwellers, occupants, and owners.

Directional Vaastu

Directions play a significant role in Vaastu Shastra. According to the shastra, we work in all 16 directions and in order to attain success in career, good health, and prosperous life, one must worship the lords of these directions. Our experts know how directional Vaastu aids our real estate clients in building the right buildings and houses.

Vaastu for residential spaces

Vaastu for residential spaces is influenced by natural energies that surround us i.e. sun, wind, thermal, light, lunar, and magnetic. We ensure that residential spaces are created according to Vaastu principles so that it harmonizes the energies and keep you away from unwanted troubles and problems. Dr. Monika Mewara makes sure that your residential space is Vaastu compliant so that you enjoy a prosperous and serene life.

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