In the present scenario all over the globe, every person is facing stress and anxiety due to over workload, more expectations, etc. not only at the office but also at home. Many times we feel that although we have a prosperous life in spite of that we are not happy in our life. The more we try to run behind physical things to get happiness which we feel that we will get from that, the more we feel anxiety.

Dr. Monika Mewara has introduced the Counseling services ‘Margdarshan’ looking to this problem, so that by counseling with the stressed person he/she may be helped to find out the reason for his/her stress or anxiety. They will be given some simple tips, which will help them to come out from stress and to get peace and happiness in their relations at home and office.

In this service, interested persons will be guided to overcome their tension, stress, anxiety, and depression by counseling.

Those persons who are willing to have counseling sessions to find the reasons and solutions for their mental stress are requested to take an appointment in advance.

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