The very strength of NLP is also its chief weakness. It doesn't have a lot of theory. It is a collection of techniques that are incredibly fast and therapeutically effective with profound results gained in a pain-free and simple way. It is a very practical approach to what actually works in the real world, rather than the academic theoretical approach that tries to explain how it should work according to ideas which are usually nominalizations. If the academics had discovered NLP, we would still be stuck in a bunch of academic blah blah without any substance at all.

What NLP does not have is a map of the parts. NLP talks about the parts as if they were just a useful imaginary construct. This is not true. They are real. You can call them parts/planets/centers/chakras/multiple personalities/traits or whatever, but these energies are real and they exist. Astrology is the map of the parts. It tells you who they are, how they operate, where they operate, who they operate with, and when they operate for how long.

Astrology operates like a schematic or flow chart that shows you where the parts are and how they are connected to each other. It gives you the big picture. Without the map, you are working in the dark and you are going to make mistakes. Let us say a person comes to you saying they are depressed and they want to be happy? What are you going to do? Some of you are going to try to help them to be happy, right? Yeah, use a little reframing and submodality cross-mapping, and up they go. If that person is a Saturn/Moon, you just fell into the therapist's trap of accepting a red herring. Instead of shooting for the mythical goal of happiness, it would be truer to the person's nature to help them shift to seriousness. A Saturn/Moon is a Saturn/Moon and happiness is contrary to its nature and a violation of the true self. It will never, never happen. Depression is the downside of doing the Saturn/Moon part the wrong way. Seriousness is the upside of doing the Saturn/Moon part in a way in which it is fulfilled.

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